Mihali’s Place Restaurant In Riverdale / Playter Estates

Riverdale / Playter Estates

Situated just north of the Danforth, at 791 Broadview Avenue at Erindale, is one of Toronto’s little known secrets. The exterior is perhaps prosaic, and the interior too, but the regulars who have been coming here for years find a warm and authentic neighbourhood atmosphere that truly awakens one’s sense of old world hearth and home.


As time passes in any great city, some of the best local spots evolve into the traditional gathering places where friends reunite. Here at Mihali’s place, this very tradition has evolved for an illustrious (or not!) yet distinctively rag-tag group of urbaneer’s own long- time friends amongst which include one or two of our fair city’s better known realtors-about-town, an award-winning local choreographer and bon-vivant extraordinaire, the occasional erudite international dance artist, and our very own award-winning furniture designer. In reality all much more relaxed than the foregoing description makes them sound, our lively group loves nothing more than to gather together of a Saturday morning post yoga class or Pilates session (just a few doors up at the fabulous Metro Movement studios) to enjoy what has become for us Mahali’s signature breakfast – delicious scrambled eggs with feta cheese and sliced tomatoes, served with homefries (well-done, please!) whole wheat toast and yummy strawberry jam. Now, here comes the twist – the tradition in our group is that together, we all only ever order this exact same thing, with the only variation being the type of fruit juice one selects as an accompaniment. To stray would be, well… no one has ever done it! Why this has evolved is anybody’s guess, yet clearly the raison d’etre is of having one less decision to make in one’s day, and to free the mind to focus even more fully on the recent trials, twists, turns, tribulations and triumphs in the lives of our friends and associates!


Due to our group’s quirky weekend dietary bent, urbaneer hasn’t a clue about the rest of the menu at Mihali’s! But rest assured the scrambled eggs and feta truly are not to be missed, as is the inviting, warm and decidedly genuine hospitality of the family who hosts our group, and hopefully soon your and yours, so very often!


Mihali’s Place doesn’t have a website, but they can be reached at 416-469-9565.

We highly recommend you stop in for an affordable and delicious home-style meal sometime soon!

~ your urbaneer team

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