Mid Century Modern Screens For Indoor Outdoor Inspiration

House And Home, Riverdale / Playter Estates, Tales From Tennis Crescent

I’ve always loved a screen.

Whether it’s indoors or out, as far as I’m concerned little beats the way a screen defines a space with just a hint of peek-a-boo.

In fact, for the street-facing patio at my Movie House loft, I enlisted thingmaker Dave Hind to create these partial privacy screens which provide a semi-private outdoor refuge (meaning I can still people watch) under the canopy of mature Maple trees.

Here’s a photo of the screens Dave Hind made from recycled aluminum siding and wood taken at night from my steps:



Now that I’m embarking on a new adventure – called the Tales Of Tennis Crescent about my 1960s purpose-built duplex in Riverdale – I’m sleuthing for inspiration photos for this next transformation.



For an interior, I’d love to do a mod partition. Don’t you love the magic of these?



I’ve also always loved exterior concrete-patterned walls used in courtyards. Does this make me crazy?



Aren’t these amazing patterns?



I’m not entirely sure how these inspirational photos will translate into the finished product, but keep an eye out to see how this transformation unfolds!

In the interim, I’m in construction dust!



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~ Steven and the Urbaneer team


** My apologies for not getting the source of these photos. If any of these are your photos let me know so I can give you credit!


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