Marriage 101: Because After Your Wedding Comes The Open House

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We at urbaneer are a diverse bunch, who joined forces based on our love of Toronto real estate and our overall awesomeness. Yet, you may not know that we come from surprisingly different backgrounds, which allows each of us to add our unique perspective, makes us collectively stronger and better suited to address the needs of our equally diverse clientele. 

You may have heard the urbaneer team proudly includes an acclaimed professional musician and the owner of the hippest design hub in Cabbagetown but did you know we have a legitimate newlywed in our ranks? 

Yup, Kellye can claim all the “I Know” when it comes to everything “I DO!”.

And apparently the road to domestic bliss that leads to the biggest party of your life is hectic!

Kellye's real. As in she'll tell you like it is, with a delivery that will make you crack a smile and laugh out loud. We had no idea how much time and stress consumes a bride-to-be over things you never have to face until you're engaged. Like the trials over all of the place card induced headaches and the “What-do-you-mean-I-can’t-use-these-candlesticks!? But-I-bought-45-of-them!” meltdowns. Yes, it subsides. And then domestic bliss settles in as your new life together begins.  

There's also an interesting post-wedding phenomenon that is rarely discussed: the loads of free time and resulting letdown. While you appreciate having your evenings and weekends back, freedom from wedding planning can be surprisingly unsettling. No longer occupied with the needs and the excitement of the your upcoming nuptials can leave you feeling like you should be doing SOMETHING (hint: it’s your thank-you notes, but we digress…). It's disconcerting.

However, there is an opportunity here to be proactive charting the next chapter of married life. Embrace all of your gloriously confusing free time discovering each other and your idea of domesticity by attending 'Open Houses!'. Talk about two birds with one stone!

Visiting open houses is a great first step in the home buying process and the perfect way to spend a sunny spring afternoon. This is your opportunity to learn more about Toronto’s vibrant neighbourhoods and what housing options are available in each area. As well, you and your partner can discover more about each other’s wants and needs in a pressure-free process. We guarantee you will learn something interesting about your other half’s tastes. And please don’t judge him too harshly. You may never understand why he likes glass bowl sinks in bathrooms or how anyone thought so many pot lights was ever a good idea, but at least you’re in this together. 

Make a pact this weekend to turn off the “Four Weddings Canada” marathon (yes, your wedding was totally better and no, you would have never picked that venue. Repeat ad nauseum), get off the couch and go exploring. 

Need some help deciding where to start? Check out our neighbourhood pages for some inspiration!

Want some straight-talking hand-holding guidance from urbaneer's Bride? Commisserate and contact for personal attention.

~ Kellye MacMillan, Realtor & Guest Writer

Kellye The Newlywed

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