The Longest Day Of The Year


Today, being Summer Solstice, is the longest day of the year in the Northern hemisphere. In Toronto, located near the 49th parallel, the sun will be visible for 15 hours, 26 minutes. Here’s a few pics just as the sun was setting on College Street just after 9:15pm last night:

It’s remarkable how light it is for 9:15pm!


This church, located at College Street and Palmerston Boulevard, is being converted into five spectacular luxe dwellings reputedly valued at between $4-$6 million each! Isn’t it sensational?

As a realtor who pioneered the Innovative Space marketplace and holds high regard to the preservation and reuse of heritage buildings, this church conversion is a welcome addition to the neighbourhood. The care and attention in its renovation and restoration is painstakingly evident…it is now in its second year of retrofit. Wow!

Incidentally, if you’re not keen to spend $4-$6 million to live in this amazing neighbourhood, here’s a Spectacular House offered for $1,649,000!

~ Steven

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