Lite Brite

First, not that you asked, but one thing that drives me bonkers are alliterations that also spell the words incorrectly. I consider this awkward attempt to be ‘oh so clever’ infuriating. In fact, it sends me into a rage. Maybe it’s because I lost the school spelling bee in grade five. Regardless, you’re guaranteed to see me scowl when I’m in the U.S. passing a Krispy Kreme outlet. Even creating the title of this blog and the sentence ‘A klean kitchen is brite white’ made the hairs on my neck bristle. I just thought you should know.
That said, as I was reflecting on Friday’s blog celebrating my adoration for black houses (see black is beautiful), my mind got all inside/out til I was ruminating about how much I truly love white cabinetry in a kitchen. There’s something so clean and modern to have light surfaces contrasting with stainless steel appliances. Plus, preparing a gourmet meal looks great in a white space! All that freshy goodness in a symphony of colour naturally becomes the focal point, unless you’re wearing a slinky one piece with strappy sandals. Then all eyes would be on you! Regardless, having a white kitchen says “Welcome to my stylish laboratory for tasty gastronomy!”
The kitchen shown is located in one of my newest listings at the Robert Watson Lofts (see cube with a view). I love how the seller beautifully revamped the builder grade kitchen, and paired it with a stunning caesarstone chef’s dining island with charcoal grey accent. Brilliant!
This is a space where good taste tastes good!
~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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