Laneway Housing


In my March Home Of The Month Feature (click HERE) I briefly wrote about the city of Toronto’s reluctance to allow laneway houses. Whaa!

Vancouver offers a lesson to Toronto.

In 2009, the City of Vancouver made an effort to increase density in its single-family neighbourhoods by allowing home owners to replace their garages with laneway houses. The bylaw allows for small infill dwellings to be added onto existing single family properties throughout the city as part of the city’s ‘eco-density’ program. The Mendoza Lane House by Lanefab was the first laneway house completed. It’s a stylish space of 710 square feet located on two levels. Gorgeous!

The time has come to create more sustainable architecture on laneways! Click HERE to be connected to this laneway house taley in!

~ Steven

Photos By Krista Jahnke


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