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Have you ever been in the midst of one project only to be distracted into starting another? In the world of housing and home it’s extremely easy to fall victim to this. It just happened to me.

With a new season of crocuses and daffodils peeking their way out of the soil, the urge to Spring clean began with my quest for organization. Unfortunately, it’s subsequently blossomed into a nearly full-blown inside out transformation. It’s part of the natural process of a self-admitted perfectionist…one starts with something theoretically small and manageable and it explodes into domestic Armageddon. In my case it started by simply opening up my cupboard doors.

With my newfound desire to organize everything behind closed doors (see Feast or Famine), no sooner was I three-quarters through the overwhelming task of purging myself of all non-essentials in my cluttered life that I decided even the very doors I was opening needed a bit of a fresh facelift too.

Go figure.

Yup, as I emptied and reorganized my closet built-ins, my washroom cabinets, and my kitchen cupboards, I noticed they really needed to have all the nicks and scratches touched up and repaired. So even before I had finished re-organizing the bits and pieces of my life, I called Rebecca Dennis to come in and restore the built-ins which hold all my stuff.

Rebecca, along with her sister Paula, lead a company which is amazing for those needing a cabinet facelift or their wood furniture restored. In short order, most of my kitchen doors and shelves were unscrewed and sent to their shop for refinishing. Those pieces which couldn’t be moved like the island, dishwasher panel and cabinet gables got prepped for sanding, stain and sealant. The same occurred for my bedroom built-ins and my washroom cabinets. It’s all pretty fantastic, but what I didn’t count on was that I had to empty each and every cabinet in order to get the job done! So in my original quest to be organized, I’m currently in a state of chaos and upheaval. Nearly every item I’m not getting rid of is now out on full display.

For anyone who has gone through a renovation, you begin to resent the limitations of cooking with a microwave and kettle. You grow tired of stepping over piles of clothing which are being coated with a thick layer of renovation dust. And you pine for the day when everything will be in its proper place, especially when this was the singular motivation which started this very misery.

I’m all for Spring Cleaning, but I wouldn’t recommend you fall prey to the trap of taking too much on like I’ve done. Tackle your projects one at a time, knowing that slow and steady wins the race!

Still, there will ultimately be an upside. Not only do I get to enjoy the transformation of my place into a fresh clean ‘just-like-new’ look, but this sensible investment will translate into a premium future resale value. Instead of a buyer discounting the list price based on the wear and tear of the kitchen, washroom and bedroom cabinets or worse, suggesting they all need to be replaced, the buyer will appreciate the value of its turn-key condition!

One more tip from life in the domestic trenches!

Stay tuned for more on Rejuvenating The Button Factory, about the transformation of my unique urban space in Toronto, Ontario, Canada!


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