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So it’s been six months since I slipped into Makeover Madness and decided to upgrade my loft from boho to chic. Not that it was an instant decision. It started with a desire to finally unpack my cd collection and boxes of books that were gathering dust in my storage zones for eons, which meant ordering some custom cabinets and shelving. This turned out to be the beginning of mayhem.

Yup, unpacking just didn’t satisfy my urge to Spring Clean. In fact, it unraveled into a massive purge and reorganization of every nook and cranny which, as I started opening up cupboards doors and shelves, fueled a compelling need to have all the nicks and scratches on my built-ins touched up…. which, as these things seem to do, led to giving my kitchen a major transformation.

If you missed it and want a giggle, read about it in March’s Kitchen Confidential blog.

So here’s my new kitchen.

Ta Da!

It’s the same configuration as before, but now it has a duo-tone of cream lacquer cabinets around the built-in fridge, pantry and bar, with new mahogany doors on the lower cabinets under the stainless steel counter. I love it and, while I’m not one to succumb to trends, it IS what all the cool kids are doing. Dontcha know!?!


Thanks to Rebecca from Mosaicwares for doing such a stellar job!

Stay tuned for more Rejuvenating The Button Factory, about the renovation of my unique urban space.

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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