Did You See The Royal Jewels?


So The Royal Wedding went off without a hitch, beyond the one that now binds William and Kate. I toast prosperity and happiness to the lovely couple! And I love the official wedding portrait!

First, if you missed my recent post on my fascination with the Royal Wedding, one that inspired my amusing real estate advertisement in honour of the event, click HERE to take a look.

While I am no fashion maven, I was extremely curious about Kate’s dress and her jewels. I mean, how often does one get the opportunity to see a ‘real’ Princess in a wedding dress about to live her ‘Happy Ever After’ fairy-tale dream? Plus I am always somewhat astounded there are women in the world who can wear enough items on her person that, if sold, could put a roof over her head.

There has only been one instance to date on this blog where I posted a photograph of jewellry, and it by chance happened to be Kate’s engagement ring. The blog had nothing to do with jewellry and everything to do with Diamond Sapphire Starbursts. Huh? Click HERE to read this former blog post, if only to see the magic of Mr. Beam which is an absolute must-do and nothing less than brilliant!

So Catherine Middleton’s new title is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. This photo from her wedding day offers a close look at her tiara (a vintage Cartier piece borrowed from the Queen) and the acorn and oak stylized earrings that were a wedding gift from her parents, Michael and Carole Middleton.

Wasn’t she precious?

In honour of her Royal Jewels (William has his own!), here’s this past week’s Innovative Space ad from Friday’s Globe and Mail.

~ Steven 

Photo of Kate by Paul Hackett – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Amusing Ads – Globe & Mail

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