Inspiration From Film – The King’s Speech


On Saturday evening I trekked through a snow squall to meet friends at the Varsity Cinema to enjoy the film that is receiving a lot of Oscar buzz… “The King’s Speech”.

I had been told this movie was charming, amusing, and engaging, but no one had mentioned the phenomenal set design. Set in mid 1930s London, the tale explores the struggles of soon-to-be King George VI, played brilliantly by Colin Firth, as he attempts to correct his speech stammer while addressing his Empire. His wife, Elizabeth, beautifully played by Helena Bonham Carter, seeks the help of Lionel Logue, an Australian speech therapist spectacularly played by Oscar-winner Geoffrey Rush. Richly illustrating the life and times of England on the eve of WWII, the stunning set designs (and costumes!) manage to convey the contrast between rich and poor, the class system in which they operate, and the social changes that are unfolding with the arrival of the radio.

Despite my on-line search to locate images that capture the depth and richness of the set design, I couldn’t find much. Here’s some peek-a-boos that I can only confess are hints of how visually arresting this fantastic film is!

“The King’s Speech” was pure entertainment, and an amazing example of top-notch set design! It has inspired me to bring some of this luxe richness into my renovation of The Movie House!

~ Steven

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