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College Street / Little Italy, Riverdale / Playter Estates

I've been a lover of Art Rails and spot lighting for some time, and I almost always recommend to my clients to install one if they can. It makes rotating and lighting my ever-changing (and surprisingly extensive) collection easy-peasey, no matter where I live. It's one of my go-to's for Toronto real estate.

So when I began renovating the Garden Suite of my 1960s purpose-built duplex, the question wasn't whether I would be installing an Art Rail, but where? As it turns out, I installed them in two locations. The first was in the Master Bedroom as a 'head board', and the other in the hallway.



Don't you love?

Incidentally, the Art Rail in the bedroom holds four cherished pieces created by my best pal Greg Laviolette, while the one in the hall are home to those two amazing vintage screens. These art rails and birch ply wall – amongst other items – were made by my carpenter Silvie Varone (here's her Inspiration Board on Pinterest for the property). She honoured my request to achieve a 'Nordic Retro-Futuristic' vibe to complement the dwelling's 1960s vintage – which I reinforced with the mid-century modern furnishings and light fixtures.

In fact, the screens were the ones I purchased at MachineAgeModern on Queen Street East in Leslieville. Don't they look amazing?

I currently have 2 Art Rails in my current residence known as The Movie House Loft.



You can read the Peak-A-View 2 post about my love for them here if you're interested. Incidentally, this gorgeous loft is coming for sale soon in case you, or someone you love, is seeking a dreamy space on College Street's Little Italy Neighbourhood.

One of the gifts I've learned as a designer is that I don't need a lot of wall space to feature my art, but with an extensive collection I do have to get clever about it.



Here's one of my past posts called The Art Of Displaying Art which offers some terrific tips on navigating your collection!

In the interim, stay tuned for more renovation and design ideas on The Tales Of Tennis Crescent!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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