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This past Saturday I bee-lined it to back-to-back appointments under ominous clouds threatening to rain. From the start of my 10am appointment til my last at 6pm, I was almost of the verge of a nervous breakdown for all the traffic and delays. With the Gardiner Expressway being closed for maintenance and repair, it reeked havoc on motorists with everyone running twenty minutes late. No one was prepared for gridlock. Argh!

But Sunday was perfection! Under a clear blue sky, the slowly changing leaves of Autumn rustled in the breeze while the sun kissed our Vitamin D deficient faces. Before I spent a good chunk of my afternoon on the road (ok, this included sharing a bottle of smooth red wine and delicious nibblies with wonderful clients celebrating the removal of a cumbersome and now unnecessary elevator from their Riverdale home!), I read about the trials and tribulations of poor Lindsay Lohan in this month’s Vanity Fair while eating Cafe Diplimatico’s Pasta Fagioli Soup (alot of their menu is dreadful but the soup is pure comfort). And then I took a stroll through Trinity Bellwoods Park to check out the Annual Art Show. It’s the perfect venue to celebrate local emerging artists (over 250!) showcasing their work.

Here is my most recent Art Show acquisition by Lindsay Chambers! Called ‘Chandelier 1’, it’s a tiny 4×4 inch Oil On Board painting for CAN$80. I love it!


Trinity Bellwoods is one of the city’s most dynamic urban green spaces. Learn more about it from the Friends of Trinity Bellwoods, a volunteer group that works together to improve the green space, cultural and recreational activities of the Park. With a community recreation centre (including swimming pool!), dog walking zone, weekly organic market, tennis courts, meandering hillocks, and loads of community events, this park is all you desire in an urban environment! In fact, it’s one of the reasons my current three bedroom freehold towne listing on Stanley Terrace for $429,000 is such an amazing opportunity. Click here to learn more about it!


~ Steven

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