I Got Wood


For your listening enjoyment I thought I’d go a bit old school with the soundtrack and video to ‘Fascination’ by Human League… a fav song from the days when I used to tear up the dance floor! Lol.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know when it comes to architecture I’m a huge fan of the use of natural materials. Give me a pile of stone, some sheets of glass, a dozen metal beams and a cord of wood shingles and I will create a timeless residence.

I also like to use these materials in my furnishings, though I save the stone for my garden terrace and I tend to shy away from horizontal glass surfaces as all the dust it collects can easily distract me towards obsessive cleaning. Just sayin’.

The other day I was daydreaming on my sectional and, in a particularly acute moment of observation, I realized that over the past few years I’ve been amassing more and more wood pieces that have a delightful orangey hue.

Below is the Asian cabinet I purchased from Green Tea, the 1940s chairs from Caviar20 paired with an Asian bench I bought fifteen years ago for $100, and my stereo cabinet constructed of recycled wood from Hardware.

Given my living environment is predominantly a symphony of soft blue and grey neutrals, with the shimmer of metal and the transparency of glass, these wood pieces serve to warm up the space and counter-balance the bling. As someone who relies heavily on his ‘eye’ and ‘intuition’, the science of why I get wood is a lot more clear to me now.

It’s partly why the colour palette of these cushions attraced me! Lol. You can get this fabric at MacFab on Queen East. Don’t you love?

~ Steven


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