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Welcome to July's Homewatch post. In this installment, we discuss how Toronto homeowners can can position their home to sell quickly.


For all Sellers, regardless of circumstance, the objective is almost always to get their property sold as soon as possible and for the most money. No one likes feeling obliged to keep their home in ‘show condition’ for a lengthy period, or having to endure the disruption of constantly vacating for showings. But inconveniences aside, there are many life circumstances that demand a speedy sale. Want to sell your house or condo fast? Here are some of urbaneer’s best tips.


Get Busy

The very first thing you have to do? Purge, purge, and purge some more. Not only will decluttering help enhance your available space, but it will also speed things up when it comes time to move! It’s crucial to neutralize the space by removing anything too personal (or taste specific). Presenting a more netral canvas will allow potential Buyers to more easily envision themselves living there.

Second, make sure that your house is squeaky clean (don’t forget inside drawers and cupboards too). Similarly, while now is not the time to take on major renovation projects, but ensuring things are in good repair (fix those broken handles/leaky faucets etc.) will go a long way.


Set the Stage

As part of urbaneer’s comprehensive service, we provide Style Enhancement, where we help homeowners fuse their own belongings with some from our stylish cache – or for larger projects using one of our preferred staging firms – to create an optimum showcase. Urbaneer can help you, room by room, to make sure that each space is neutral and expressing the best use of its space. Also, since photos and videos can create a compelling reason to entice Buyers to see your home, ensure that the areas are well-lit and appealing when staging or styling.


The Price Is Right

Pricing is another crucial factor in determining how fast your home will sell. When pricing a property, comparable sales in your area are a good barometer to guide you. Price your home either near these prices or slightly below. If you are competing against similar properties on the market in the area, it can be strategic to price your home more aggressively. Other factors to consider include the state of your home (i.e. Is it modern and up-to-date? Are renovations needed? If so, how much will that cost the future Buyer?) and its location (it’s fair to charge a premium for a AAA location that is close to amenities). Does your home boast any unique features which could be a selling (and pricing premium) point?


The Marketing Plan

When time is limited, clear impactful marketing that delivers directly to your target market is crucial. And choosing a realtor who has the experience, contacts, and resources to create and employ such marketing is paramount; it will likely mean the difference between delivering you to your goal (quick sale, top dollar) or leaving you hoping for the best. Urbaneer has decades of experience in helping clients achieve swift and profitable sales. We reduce the stress of the experience with detailed strategies and with numerous actionable market steps.

At urbaneer we create urgency and buzz using top notch professional photography, compelling promotional copy, and glossy printed materials including floor plans. We recommend you hire a realtor who executes a consistent direct mail campaign (we deliver over 25,000 flyers promoting our listings every 2 weeks), a comprehensive online presence (we post three to five original content blogs a week on our site, and we promote these and our listings on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ with a consistent Twitter rotation), and cultivates a relationship with the media (we’re consistently featured in The Globe and Mail, Toronto Life and BlogTO).


Show It Off

There are differing strategies we employ to get as many Buyers as possible over the threshold, which vary according to the dynamics of the market in that moment in time, your specific type of property, and its micro-location. Once we’ve tailored a sales program that compliments your property and your own level of comfort, we implement it systematically so we can effectively convert as many Buyers from having an ‘expression of interest’ into ‘a commitment to purchase’. When time is of the essence, we set a clear and concise showing schedule, while keeping a detailed record of the showings that are booked, who is booking them, and subsequently engaging them for feedback.

Another marker of true success in real estate requires having credibility, consistency, and a sterling relationship with other realtors. It takes years of sustaining this formula in order to receive the respect of other realtors. After all, with their clients’ interests at stake, they need to trust that the realtor will flawlessly execute the other half of the buy/sell equation. So, choose your realtor carefully. We recommend you reap the benefits of selecting a Top Producing realtor (like urbaneer!) with a consistent sales history in your neighbourhood.


Do you want to sell your property quickly while not compromising on top dollar? With solid strategies built on experience, tactical planning, and a superior skillset, please know we are here to help!


Steven Fudge & The Urbaneer Team

Sales Representatives
Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage
(416) 322-8000

– we're here to earn your trust, then your business –


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