How Urbaneer’s Toronto Real Estate Marketing Program Sold This 1930’s Swansea Bungalow

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When we brought this charming 1930’s bungalow to market in the height of summer, only the most determined Buyers were viewing properties. The mid-July weather was heating up the sidewalks and streets that in Spring & Fall are full of property buyers padding the pavement. But at this time? Not so much.

Summer is historically the slowest season for real estate in Toronto, with urbanites escaping the city to enjoy outdoor recreation, family vacations, or simply staying indoors in the comfort of air conditioning. Therefore, it was critical we ensured our pricing strategy and marketing program were on point. We can assure you, selling real estate during the hottest month of the year – and on the heels of a global pandemic – is definitely a challenge!

That’s not to say that demand for housing in Toronto isn’t at a high; if you’re simply looking for one Buyer, it’s not difficult to sell your Toronto property. But then how do you know that you’re receiving true market value and the best possible price? Employing a strategy that generates multiple offers allows our Sellers to not only consider the offering price Buyers are willing to pay, but also other factors like having a long-term tenant assumed, or choosing buyers who will complement the existing fabric of the community (like families with children who will be attending the local public school, etc.)

That was exactly the case with this sale; our Sellers’ ideal Buyer profile was someone who would keep on the existing long-term tenants. Our marketing program generated an abundance of interest that then translated into many interested Buyers (ensuring top dollar!) and allowed them the opportunity to choose the bid which best aligned with their objectives and desires.

And we executed this in a timely, efficient manner with as little disruption to tenants’ enjoyment of the property as possible. Here’s how!



When you enlist the services of my team in the marketing and sale of your Toronto property, in addition to custom-crafting a visually arresting online and print sales prospectus that shines the spotlight on your home, we create engaging original content that celebrates the popular local everyday amenities beloved by your community.

We find promoting the day-to-day village life that a potential new owner will enjoy once the pandemic has passed – highlighting top restaurants, nearby green spaces, recreation opportunities, and engaging cultural amenities – particularly effective in increasing the interest in the property itself. After all, any house hunter will tell you that finding a home that is ‘the one’ has as much to do with where it is as with what it is. That’s because your life extends far beyond those four walls, into the community that surrounds them.



We brought this Vintage Bungalow Perched On The Slopes Of Morningside Avenue to market for $999,900. Offered for sale using the List Low Holdback Strategy, we spent seven days leading up to the offer date promoting this stylish property to the neighbourhood and its target market, rolling out several pieces of engaging urban lifestyle content which we posted on our blog and social media feeds including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.



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Each one of the blogs above ends with a ‘call to action’ to view our Swansea listing, and each was promoted through our various social media platforms.

In fact, the number of views we received on our listing on – A Vintage Bungalow Perched On The Slopes Of Morningside Avenue – far surpassed our average audience!



Additionally, we sent a direct mail postcard to almost 1,800 households in the surrounding neighbourhoods (which was then followed up by a Just Sold card announcing the good news!!)

Every realtor who showed the property received a digital promotions package which included all our Amenity Content promoting the area and the Feature Sheet, in addition to the Sale Prospectus. (The Tenant Package & Home Inspection Report was sent upon request.)

This helped convert potential Buyers into active Bidders.



Listed for $999,900, our Seller received 16 offers for their consideration, and accepted a condition-free offer for $1,650,000 with the existing tenants assumed (which was very important to our clients), accompanied  by a $100,000 deposit!



Ensuring a quick and profitable sale is all about understanding the market’s layers and momentum as it relates to your own specific property segment. But it’s also about meeting the individual needs and criteria of each individual Seller. One may be willing to accept less money from a Buyer they believe is ‘more deserving’ or a better fit for the community, another may want limited showings or their tenants assumed, another may need their home sold in 7 days, etc. We embrace the challenge and don’t subscribe to the one-size fits all approach to property promotion!

Whether you are buying or selling, this market requires a well-thought-out strategy derived from data, comprehension, and historical knowledge gleaned from decades of experience.



Want to learn more? These two blogs share our approach and strategy to marketing, including Social Media:

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Psssst… it works!



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Are you planning to sell your home – today or down the road? With my finger on the pulse of the market today, as well as a shrewd and strategic of profitable real estate ownership for the future, we are here to help!

My team and I are here to help!



With decades of experience navigating the ever-changing Toronto real estate market, a commitment to promote the sale of properties like yours with interesting and relevant information, and the ability to guide Buyers with credible insights and well-informed guidance, we are here to help without pressure or hassle.

Please consider our services!


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