How Urbaneer’s Tailored Marketing Program Sold This Boutique Condominium At Bayview & Sheppard

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Are you looking for a Toronto real estate team to inform you on how the selling process works in our current market conditions without undue pressure or obligation?

Are you seeking a property group collectively committed to making it as effortless as possible for you while garnering top dollar?

I’m Steve Fudge and I sell real estate in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. With over 30 years of experience as a Top Producing Toronto realtor – and having executed hundreds of transactions representing both Buyers and Sellers of freehold and condominium housing across the original City of Toronto – my team and I are committed to serving you with a custom sales program specifically designed to showcase your property in its optimum light!!

When you enlist the Urbaneer Team, your property is featured for sale on multiple platforms with multi-faceted promotions. And best of all – it’s custom-created by us to attract qualified buyers interested specifically in your neighbourhood, your dwelling type, and the architectural and design features unique to your property.



We Serve You From Beginning To End

One of the first things we do after making our introduction is walk through your property in your presence to collectively assess the opportunities and constraints of your dwelling and its location, determine how to best enhance its features, and minimize its limitations in person and in positioning, and identify ways to elevate the property’s presentation and maximize your return on investment. This includes helping you prioritize what deficiencies should be tended to, if any, summarize where and what you should pare down and pre-pack in advance of moving, and, as part of our Urbaneer Style Enhancement Service, recommend what existing contents should be removed – due to size, condition, or utility – in advance of listing to ensure your property presents its spacious best. This is an important consideration and distinction for homeowners to understand because, as I wrote in Why Staging Is Important When Selling Real Estate ‘how we present a dwelling for sale’ and ‘how we live in our home’ are two distinct processes and experiences. Even when our objective is to keep as much of our client’s belongings in place – which is much easier and less intrusive an undertaking than hiring a professional staging firm – editing a household of some of its contents is inevitable. Why? Because the place in which one’s domestic affections have been grounded, particularly by one’s chosen family over a period of years, is typically full of objects and tokens with meaning and memories that have been endearingly collected over time and unintentionally cluttered by sentiment. And please understand as I write this, we genuinely adore a house that has the patina of a well-loved home, and we make every effort to capture and distill its essence when we’re preparing a property for sale.

However, our profession is in the shelter industry, and our business is maximizing the financial gain of our client’s bricks-and-mortar investment. Because of this, the process of presenting a dwelling for sale is dramatically different than making a home. But this doesn’t mean we’re disinvested in honouring its history. In fact, given the contents of a home tell the story of its occupants, we keep the pieces that align with the character and presence of the home, while the ones we select are symbolic placeholders representing the next owner. In this respect, although we’re acutely aware of the fashion of housing, we’re highly attuned to the power of place. Instead of filling a property with over-the-top stuff that draws too much attention, the items we carefully choose serve to support the domestic stage, where the dwelling itself is the star of the show.

We edit a client’s home so prospective purchasers can navigate easily through the space and not consciously around contents, and we incorporate a few select pieces from our own curated cache that speak to form and function, are identifiably on-trend, and provide intentional cues. After all, the key to successfully executing a place with pop is not limited to its appeal on Instagram,  but to taking the target market crossing the threshold on the journey to domestic desire. This means putting them on a space plan path that flows effortlessly, is carefully revealed, is elevated yet accessible, and purposefully presented so Buyers can see how the property will support and enhance their personal lives.




We Create Context By Sharing Community & Building Information

We believe it’s really important to tell the story. This means our feature sheets can often run up to 14 or 16 pages of professional photographs, floors plan visuals, and custom copy promoting the benefits of the neighbourhood, the history & amenities of the property, the features of the residence, a summary of upgrades & an annual accounting of operating expenses. If you’re receptive, we have you write a  ‘Note From Our Sellers’ that we insert into the sales and marketing package. In it, we encourage you to share your go-to neighbourhood destinations, perhaps a bit about the fabric of the community, the qualities of your home that make it special to you, and even some of the memories you made within these four walls with your chosen family. Frankly, the Note is always well-received by prospective purchasers. They appreciate the personal touch. And it calls clearly to the fact that we’re not just selling bricks and mortar. We’re selling a Home. With a history. And we love to tell its story.

In the case of this gorgeous residence –>  Embrace Boutique Living At Lotus Condominiums At Bayview & Sheppard – the moment it went onto the Multiple Listing Service ‘For Sale’ – we launched our property promotions program on social media & print, to our client base and the property’s target markets.

While the property is offered for sale, each prospective purchaser viewing the property receives a digital promotions package. If they’re serious, we provide the Due Diligence Documents promptly including the Status Certificate and associated Condo Documents including operations, budgets, future funding, maintenance & repair, and the property management information. This critical information is available immediately, given our objective is to convert prospective Buyers into active Bidders.



Targeting Buyers By Promoting The Lotus & Area Amenities

During the 7 days we promoted the property in advance of the scheduled offer date, we created, published, and promoted the following articles to expand awareness about this sweet suite. Our objective is to ensure the Buyer is both well-informed and well-prepared at the time they submit an Offer to Purchase.

Each of these included a large promotion for the property and a call to action with links!


*The property was also featured in our July E-Newsletter.*

Does your realtor do this?

(If they don’t, consider calling us so we can introduce our services. We would love to be your value-added realtor of choice.)




The Outcome

There were, astonishingly, only 10 showings over the 7 days this property was listed for sale, yet we were able to bring 4 Offers to the table for our Seller’s consideration. That’s efficiency!

Listed for $599,000, the property sold for $655,000!



A Program Tailored To Buyers – And You!

Although almost any realtor can sell a property in Toronto, finding the right Buyer – including those who live outside the city and may never cross the threshold of your dwelling until after they’ve secured the property – and exposing it to the target market requires a company that understands the nuances of your property type, where it’s located, who the Buyer profiles are, and how to be effective in capturing their attention and convincing them the residence has all the qualities they’re seeking.

It’s also about meeting the individual needs and criteria of you, the Seller. Whether you’re looking to facilitate a quick sale, find a Buyer who will complement the fabric of the community, or your objective is to achieve the highest price, at we welcome facilitating your specific needs and requirements. Quite frankly, we have never subscribed to the one-size-fits-all approach to the promotion and sale of real estate; homes are as unique and multifaceted as their Sellers! If you’re seeking a top-notch, ‘white glove’, professional, and caring team, give us a ring or email us. It would be our pleasure to make an introduction!



Want to learn more? At, we offer a strategic sales program derived from data, comprehension, and historical knowledge gleaned from decades of experience. Check out our approaches and strategies to marketing properties in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in:

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Marketing Your Home With Urbaneer: Social Media

Psssst… it works!



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Looking for the services of an on-trend well-informed experienced realtor who has been a consistent Top Producer for 3 decades?

We’d love to introduce your services to you.

Serving first and second-time Buyers, relocations, renovators, and those building their long-term property portfolios, our mandate is to help clients choose the property which will realize the highest future return on their investment while ensuring the property best serves their practical needs and their dream of “Home” during their ownership.

Are you considering selling? We welcome providing you with a comprehensive assessment free of charge, including determining your Buyer profile, ways to optimize your return on investment, and tailoring the listing process to suit your circumstance. Check out How Urbaneer’s Custom Marketing Program Sold This Handsome Edwardian Residence In East York to learn more about what we do!

Consider letting Urbaneer guide you through your Buying or Selling process, without pressure, or hassle.

We are here to help!




Thanks for reading!


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Celebrating Thirty-One Years As A Top-Producing Toronto Realtor


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