Horseshoe Tavern, Pale Boy and the Elastocitizens

Queen West

Last night I rocked out at The Horseshoe Tavern when one of my clients, Brandon McGibbon, the guitar player/singer of both Pale Boy and the Elastocitizens shared his talents with an enthusiastic grooving crowd. I was blown away by his performance, and the entire band who lit up the stage like fireworks. And you know how much I LOVE fireworks!

The Horseshoe, or ‘The Shoe’ to locals, is a concert venue located at 370 Queen Street West near Spadina Avenue in the heart of downtown Toronto. Operating since 1947, the venue is a significant part of Canadian music lore. I mean, this is one of those bars that has the patina of a beloved ‘dive’, but in no way do I want this to be construed as a negative. It simply reeks of charm, with years of beer on the floor, peeling paint on the ceiling, and slightly tattered banquettes and wobbly chairs. I almost missed the stench of cigarette smoke that was once pervasive back in my youth when you could smoke anywhere. Without question, for any Torontonian who listens to live music, The Horseshoe Tavern resides in their memories. It is an institution to the Canadian music scene. Click HERE to link to the Horseshoe Tavern’s website.



The Elastocitizens proclaim they’re schooled in Funk, and inspired by Punk. It’s true. I, like the entire audience, loved the groove and the showmanship. Here’s a YOUTUBE LINK that will give you a taste of their magic, and click HERE to download some of their music, for free!

I am their newest fan!

~ Steven

**The photo above, of the Horseshoe Tavern, was taken in the late 1970s, early 1980s by Patrick Cummins according to the blog ‘Lost Toronto’. Click HERE to check out this fascinating site that captures snapshots of Toronto in years bygone. It’s a wonderful website. I hope you’re ok with our sharing this photo Patrick and Lost Toronto!

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