Home Is Where My Heart Lives


When you’re buying a place as your personal residence, it’s extremely important you purchase a property that feels just right, one with an emotional resonance that says “Hey, you belong here!”

Beyond the location parameters, spatial criteria and functional needs with which most buyers limit themselves, take a moment to visualize your perfect home. If you need help, refer to our popular Online Housing Profile.

Our current penthouse offering at District Lofts in the heart of the Fashion District puts a flutter in my heart every time I visit. In fact it beckoned me, subconsciously rooted in a poignant moment of my life 25 years ago when I moved from Victoria, British Columbia to Toronto to continue my multi-disciplinary university education in Housing. Arriving late at night, I can vividly recall my cosmopolitan excitement whizzing in on the elevated Gardiner Expressway from the airport into the bright lights big city glittering nightscape of skyscrapers and the soaring CN Tower that, at the time, was the tallest structure in the world. Walking into my pal’s fathers’ penthouse – a slice of life I had never been exposed to – what took my breath away more than the sheer sprawl of the suite was the jaw-dropping vista. It wasn’t just any vista, but a panoramic floor-to-ceiling real-time postcard, glinting like an imaginary sparkly diorama. Enraptured by the sight I breathlessly exclaimed, “Toronto is my Home and my future!”

Today, just over a quarter of a century later, this concrete ‘n cool Penthouse featuring it’s expanse of glass, sun drenched terrace, two level layout and, especially, yes especially its spectacular twinkling vista instantly triggers that long-ago memory when all-of-Toronto first met my gaze. It’s in these sorts of deeply embedded near-forgotten connections that I encourage everyone be cognizant, for I believe they are the magic, which guide us to our next Home. When our intuitive voice says, “Come live here…this is where you belong…the place you long ago Dreamed of!” I say, if feels right, Go For It!

After all, isn’t where you Live and Love what it’s all about?



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