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As a busy single professional it can be easy for Holiday to miss making an appearance in your home decor, especially if alot of your Celebrations are conducted in the dwells of family and friends or out on the town. Why even just last week my place was bereft of some sparkle, and with my moving date the second week of January looming there was a fleeting moment when I considered forgoing bringing Holiday to my Button Factory loft. But to be truly engaged with the collective love of the Season, putting out some Holiday decorations is an easy way to embrace Yuletide even if you pass on the complexity of decking a tree with tinsel and ornaments.

A few simple no fuss ways I’ve brought Holiday to The Button Factory include placing coloured lights behind the original factory windows standing beside my front door and threading them through the garden plantings. I also took a string of ‘flower lights’ and wrapped them around my ten foot metal Hand Sculpture to turn it into a whimisical Holiday bracelet seen below:

I love Paperwhites…their pretty blooms and fresch scent lift my Spirits.

I also love the scent and look of fresh boughs of evergreens but I’m not inclined to have a big tree in my household. Instead I pick up bunches of pre-made evergreen boughs from my corner store for $7.99 each and place them on my dining table covered in my small stash of ornaments.  Don’t you love?

A Holiday tree doesn’t have to be an evergreen. In my case I covered my original apple orchard ladder with some pretty paper decorations from Mexico attached to a string of white lights. The effect is simple, colourful and convivial.

Finally, I want to share with you one of my most favourite and sentimental Holiday decorations. This little embroidered ring is a ‘bejewelled tree of peace’ made by my Mom. She gave it to me some years ago, and every year I unwrap it I remember all my childhood years celebrating Holiday. What fun! Thanks Mom.

Wishing You Some Easy-Breezy Holiday Sparkle!

~ Steven

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