Here Comes Holiday!


Ok, so whilst I consider it extraordinarily early to be installing lights despite the imminent arrival of Holiday, the truth of the matter is that I do not want to be outside playing “Festive!” in a freezing blizzard. In Toronto, now is the time of year when Mother Nature teases us. We never know when She will blow those brittle gusts and icy flakes upon we Canucks, sending us scurrying inside to add a parka and scarf to our already layered plaid shirt and cable knit sweater ensemble:

Behold! Soon this is what Torontonians will look like on the streets. Do not be scared!


On Sunday, the Santa Claus Parade enjoyed a balmy twelve degrees Celsius under sunny skies. The people were happy. But through the week the chill seeped in and temperatures began to drop like a stone. We’re starting to scurry inside for warmth.

So I did what any sensible Canuck would do. I put up my Holiday lights without shivering. Festive light-installers take note!


Five strings of energy efficient LED lights on a timer are making my patio festive. Suspended on one of three screens constructed of recycled materials (made by brilliant thingmaker Dave Hind – see the other two below), now I’m ready to pour myself an Egg Nog!


Are you decorating inside and out for Holiday? Click HERE for one of my past posts sharing a few easy-breezy tips and ideas!

Oh, and the SOLD is for ‘My College Crush’ neighbour. Did you miss that listing? Click HERE if you’re curious about the Movie House conversion or its’ amazing ‘Little Italy’ neighbourhood! Would you have potentially purchased this? If yes, consider contacting me about another terrific opportunity that may be coming to market soon!

Sparkle Sparkle!

~ Steven

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