Happy Thanksgiving Part 2

Little Portugal

Funny, but when I headed out the door earlier today I just knew that, for all my choices, I was going to stroll along Dundas West from Bathurst over to Ossington. This section of Dundas, along with Ossington, has been undergoing a phenomenal transformation over the past couple of years. The short and sweet of it is that this is where all the cool kids are hanging out, plus we locals who are tired of the same-old same-old on College Street.

As I strolled I struggled with where I might grab a bite. Saving Grace was jam-packed. The Communcal Mule only has pastries and cookies. There’s a new coffee shop called The Tampered Press which caught my intrigue but, as I was deciding whether to venture in, it dawned on me that the charming Lakeview Restaurant had reopened under new ownership as a 24 hour diner with a great organic-leaning menu. What could be more Thanksgiving Brunchy than reading the revamped and very colourful Globe and Mail, including a rivetting article on clever Douglas Coupland, in an old school 1932 diner right? (Oh, make sure you read Coupland’s fascinating glossary of new terms for a messed up future too!).

I adore The Lakeview Restaurant. It has all the vintage details of diner’s of yore with a hip youthful attitude-free staff. It’s chock full of locals ranging from young families, to sexy couples in love, to tired old queens hungry for food and a chance to read the paper without bother. Neat eh?

The Lakeview Restaurant

1132 Dundas St. W. \ Toronto, ON M6J 1X2
T. 416.850.8886 \ F.416.850.7005

Open 24 Hours A Day!

~ Steven

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