Happy Boy


It doesn’t take much to make me smile, or at least that’s what I claim!

Today I’m all toothy for the installation of my custom Art Rail from Stylegarage. Stylegarage are the purveyors of all sorts of cool items, including this custom stair railing at my former residence, these hot rolled steel coffee tables, and this lightstick and lightbox. For this order they made the Art Rail a little deeper so it can also hold cocktail glasses when sitting on my sectional (call me pragmatic!); they also drilled holes in it for the lighting cord of my amazing LightBox Photo called ‘Gus’ Other Van’ by Michael Rae. Isn’t the whole installation fantastic?

This new Art Rail is the perfect complement to my more traditional Art Rail made of moldings which I had installed on the other wall opposite the dining area through to the kitchen. Here’s a pic from a past Peek-A-View Post.

Although I’m always in a revisionist state, I can now attest that my space is pretty much complete. Or is it? After all, shouldn’t your home always be an Art Work in progress?

~ Steven


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