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Like today, ’cause it’s my mom’s birthday and – while I would never reveal a ladies’ age – let me share that despite the struggles of her times my mother’s tenacity, focus and sheer willpower has served as incredible inspiration to my siblings and I. Without a doubt, I wouldn’t be the man I am today without her example.

A decade ago my mom sent me a package. Inside was a little painting I had done as a child, a piece of tapestry weaving and a little note which said:



You painted this picture when you were at Willows Elementary (Victoria, B.C.) when you were age 11.  

I began weaving this 30 years ago. I did about 2″ then. I no longer had the colour I originally began with so I had to unpick and begin the leaf and the lower trunk again.

This has been a labour of love as I unpicked more than I wove. I knew little about tapestry weaving 30 years ago. I discovered I did not have sufficient warp threads to weave it exactly as it is. However, I kept right on trying. Foolish me! I eventually had to do some top stitching, so I won’t be passing any Standards Committee!

 Well, my love, here it is. I did not have it framed as I don’t believe it the type of thing you would hang on your wall. However, my dear, it is a memento of me, of our memories, and of my love for you Stevie.


Take Care My Dear.

All My Love,


oxoxox    oxoxox”


Isn’t my Mom’s tapestry amazing? And I love the full-on free love and peace 70s vibe in my Flower Power Art…it just goes to show how we are all a product of our times, even unwittingly eh? I will definitely get these pieces framed. I’m thinking of putting them side by side but I haven’t quite figured out how to present them. Perhaps inset within an ebony shadow box on cream mat? Any suggestions?


Incidentally, here’s a fun video of the Number One hit song (complete with lip synching, flowy gowns and Dorothy Hamill hair) that was playing when I was making this Art. In fact, I loved this toe-tapping early-synthesizer song so much it was the very first 45 rpm single I bought!


Love Will Keep Us Together Mom!

Happy Birthday!



For those who want a giggle about growing up in the 1970s here’s Purple Pants, and for those whom have a love for Victoria, BC, here’s another post about Uplands Park and Willows Beach called My Childhood Playground


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