Grateful For Being Canadian


So Canada is 148 years old today!

Pretty sweet, like these cupcakes eh?



The team consider ourselves truly blessed to be Canadian. How fortunate to live in one of the most progressive liberated countries in the world, with unlimited opportunities and oodles of space. We couldn't imagine living anywhere else quite frankly, for even though during our travels to exotic destinations we may become wistful for the romance (or temperate climate!) of other places, we all agree that when we return to the 'True North Strong And Free' we feel at peace.

Canada is our Home.

Happy Birthday Canada!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

Did you know Steven is genuinely patriotic? He leads a Student Mentorship and Internship Program for Canadians being educated in the field of housing. Consider visiting his newest architecture, landscape, design, and product site specific to… drum roll please…–> Canada! called!

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