Going, Going, Gone!

Last Thursday I posted a blog about my intention to sell my swank Movie House loft fully furnished when the time comes to move. I've been wondering, “Does a market exist in Toronto for this sort of offering?”. Although my intuition, cool-hunting and some of my busy buyers have been telling me they're keen for uber-cool furnished dwells, are locals ready to buy a property already fitted and furnished? 

By serendipity and luck a pair of my amazing designer clients, one whom is part of the www.stylegarage.com team, enlisted urbaneer.com to find out. Last Wednesday urbaneer.com brought their luxe Liberty Village townhouse loaded top to bottom with amazing home furnishings to market.  Click HERE to read that post.

As it turns out, my intuition and research was correct. The demand for furnished swank is exploding in HogTown.

This gorgeous listing went completely !Twitter Alert! and, offered at $499,000, attracted two offers within three days of coming to market! And even though the offering provided the buyer the opportunity to pick and choose what furnishings they wanted, both buyers competed for the property with everthing included – lock, stock, and barrel – such that it sold for more than the list price! Wow!

Not only did my Liberty Village listing command a precedent-setting price for the complex, but it left a trail of eager buyers who would love something just like this. So take note….if you're a designer, or someone with great style and taste, be cognizant that there's a growing niche market for fully-furnished turn-key product. Amazing eh?

At urbaneer.com, we follow our intuition while monitoring the trends and styles in housing. And then we counsel our clients accordingly.

The end result?


Can urbaneer.com help achieve your dream?

~ Steven

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