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Welcome! I’m Cynthia Rose – part of the Urbaneer team – and I specialize in buying & selling real estate in Swansea, High Park & Bloor West Village!

Ah, the new year! Chock-a-block full of opportunities just waiting to be seized with every corner having fresh-start possibilities a-plenty. Simmer down, Pollyanna! In truth, I have never subscribed to the idea of making radical resolutions, but rather prefer a ‘slow and steady’ mantra when practicing self-improvement. 

Each year as a Realtor, I create a ‘Law of Averages’ business plan for the year (That’s right, folks: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail – lol). In a nutshell, I take my dream salary and break it down into trackable and tangible monthly, weekly, and daily tasks that work towards the big goal. This year, while in the middle of that exercise, I had a little light-bulb moment. Can I get all nerdy and mathematical about my personal goals, too? Turns out… I can!

For 2023, a few of my personal goals include increasing my physical flexibility, reading more non-fiction, and keeping count of my daily ‘real food’ protein.  And, as I try to do in all aspects of my consumer life, I made a point to support some of my favourite local Bloor West Village establishments!





First off, my real love is strength training. The challenge and the pace of lifting weights just works with my high-energy self. I have had lots of gym memberships at all the local establishments Conquer (formerly System Fitness), Orange Theory Fitness and Generate. And I  have been known to dabble throughout the city -– a bit of a gym rat. But incorporating some flow into my training is this year’s goal and, for this, I hit Modo Yoga Bloor West. 

Located just west of Jane on Bloor, the studio is nestled within a fantastic second-floor space that is filled with light and positive energy. With my partner in crime,  we climb the stairs decorated with mantras, encouragements, and words of inclusion. I also notice the sign that says, No Late Entry. Uh, oh – well, I was looking for a challenge, right? 

Through the entrance, there is a cozy Zen Den with couches, pillows, and blankets where those who practice can congregate either before or after classes, sipping tea and chatting about their journeys. 

My first class and also my favourite is the Modo Flow. The music is upbeat, the poses are not held as long as in traditional yoga and the studio is hot as all get out.  I can usually find a decent spot along the side, towards the back of the room to lay my mat down. My friend plops herself right down smack dab on centre stage. I’ve tried to get her to move closer to me, but oh, here’s another challenge: No talking in class. Yeah, I know – but hey – I am alive to tell the tale. 

If you pop in, and you should, don’t be intimidated as the classes are filled with pretzels of all ages. That is the best part of yoga – all ages, all abilities, and all knowledge that the journey is a marathon, not a sprint. The membership options are great, allowing for tons of flexibility – lol, literally.

Pop by their studio at 2481a Bloor St.West or visit





I love the escape of reading fiction, and recently I have also become a huge fan of listening to audiobooks. But this year, one of my goals is to push myself to read more non-fiction. In Bloor West Village my go-to book source is, yup, you know it, Book City. 

Often bustling with Bloor West Village readers, book clubbers, and/or gift-givers this shop is Mecca for those who love words. At the front, one can peruse all the current best-selling page-turners, while along the sides, moving towards the back, the shelves are categorized within the multitudes of various literary genres. 

I am usually in the market for ‘can’t put down’ fiction reads at the front. As a parent, I’ve also spent lots and lots of time at the back of the shop where imaginative and captivating books for emerging readers live. Whether it’s a book for my own children or a reading gift for a birthday party, there’s never disappointment in their selects. 

I would be remiss if I didn’t highlight the biggest draw to Book City in Bloor West Village. The staff is the MOST knowledgeable, MOST helpful and, therefore, the BEST. I typically go straight to the counter and give them the nuts and bolts of what I am looking for.  “My sister loves pop culture, fitness, and wine. What does she need to read?” How to Murder Your Life: A Memoir [Kat Murnell]. 

Another pop quiz for the hotshots:

“My mother-in-law loves historical fiction but falls asleep as soon as she starts reading. She needs a page-turner.” Panchiko

“What should I get for a cranky uncle who loves a good conspiracy theory?Hiding in Plain Sight: The Invention of Donald Trump and Erosion of America.

And, lastly, “I need a great non-fiction read to kick off my year of personal self-improvement?” None other than Atomic Habits.

(Oh, and I also grabbed Spare by Prince Harry.)

Get your read on at 2354 Bloor St. West or visit online at





So, if you have access to social media and/or a pulse, you’ve likely already been encouraged (or badgered) to consume 20 to 30 grams of protein within each meal and snack. So, for someone looking to find trackable tangible targets, this one goal was a no-brainer. And, let’s face it, with the hundreds of shops and services in Bloor West Village, shopping for healthy foods is as easy as snap, crackle, and protein!

When looking for lean proteins of choice, my first stroll is over to Snappers (260 Durie Street) for a beautiful choice of fresh and delectable seafood. Typically salmon, sushi-grade Ahi tuna, or halibut will find their way into our weekly dinners, but grabbing a bag of fresh mussels is also the basis for a favourite meal in our house. I also just love chatting with owners, Eli & Eddie, to get a bead on what’s happening in the ‘hood. 

Around the corner and across the street is another Bloor West Village establishment, Bloor Meat Market (2283 Bloor St W). Fresh cuts, knowledgeable staff, and such a great selection. We love their stuffed chicken breasts and their marinated flank steak is our key to making THE BEST freakin’ fajitas in town.

Rowe Farms (2230 Bloor St W) is also a great one-stop clean protein shop to hit. I usually grab a fresh rotisserie chicken to shred for salads, tacos, or sandwiches. And, in a pinch, I will use their in-house hamburger patties as the basis for a weeknight Bolognese.  And mini note: They also conveniently carry several of the most popular cheeses from The Cheese Boutique. Yum.

Just next door, the Village Juicery (2228 Bloor St W) is a fantastic spot to grab hearty plant-based protein snacks or meals. They have great grab-and-go salads, wraps, and bowls all chock-a-block with healthy proteins. Last week, I had the veggie protein rainbow wrap with turmeric ginger juice – mind-blowingly delicious. And if you are down with seasonal juice cleanses, they have everything to support your personalized process in a complete and convenient system. Give them a call or pop online!



And there you have it folks – flex, facts, and food – our new F-words of choice!

Swing back around here next time to listen in on my next installment: a chat with the owner of Bloor West Village Monarch Paints. He’s got plenty of for tips and tricks for incorporating the 2023 Colour of the Year, Raspberry Blush, into your home décor!

If you missed the first episode of my Bloor West Village blog series, check out: “These Are A Few Of My Favourite… Bloor West Village Food Vendors“!!


~ Cynthia xoxo


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