Fantastic El Cheapo Movers


As a realtor I’ve been hesitant to refer a moving company for quite some time. I’ve learned that any firm is only as good as its employees, and in an industry with an enormous turnover of staff, it makes it risky choosing who to hire.

However, despite the company’s name which I suppose in the moving industry is almost essential to capture interest given the competitive nature of the business, more than one person had recommended this firm who were recently voted Number One by Xtra Magazine Readers. From the moment Toby answered the phone at El Cheapo, moving out of two locations having a total of 2700 square feet was as easy breezy as this daunting task could be. In advance of the move we emailed a detailed summary plus photos of all the furnishings plus did our best to bundle everything for organizational ease. Then, this past Monday, Vince and I witnessed our three movers Uta, Will and Jason tackle everything from fifty boxes split between a storage locker and the flat, deliver several items to store at my friends’ place, plus negotiate all the big stuff including a 400lb vintage butcher block up three flights of stairs. Seriously, we were a movers’ nightmare….not a single piece of furniture would fit in the building’s teeny-tiny itsy-bitsy elevator.

This company provided the white glove treatment from start to finish for a very reasonable cost. Everyone was courteous, timely and efficient. We did our best to keep them hydrated and fed (thanks Chabichou!) while they worked their weary bones. El Cheapo is a winner!

El Cheapo Movers can be reached by email at or by calling 416-599-2728. Tell them sent you!

~ Steven 


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