Eight Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

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If you are thinking of selling, you no doubt want top dollar for your property. What visible steps can you take to elevate your property’s value and what items typically yield the biggest bang for your buck? Here are our eight favorite strategies:


The Kitchen is the Heart of any Home

If you’re going to pick one room to receive your attention, strictly based on the ability to give your asset value a boost, the kitchen is a good choice. Depending on how old your kitchen is, consider updating appliances, cabinetry and countertops to reflect more contemporary styles. Looking for a smaller job or a quick fix? Reface old cabinet doors and consider updating the hardware to a more sleek style, which can subtly deliver your kitchen into the most contemporary space. Update fixtures as well.


The Master Bedroom, the Oasis

The Master Bedroom should serve as the physical space in which removal from the grind towards transition to bliss should take place. Think about creating a spa-like environment and ensure it’s reflected in the details. Pick calming colours for the walls and for the accents that envelope you without making you aware of them. Invest in quality linens, duvets and lots of pillows to showcase comfort. Include recessed lighting and dimmer switches to alter the mood as you wish. Alter flat ceilings with detail if you can, like installing crown moulding which suggests height, space and calm. Include beautiful draperies and pillow accents to make the space indulgent.


The Washroom

If you have two washrooms or more, the Master Bath should be your first place of investment as an extension of the Master Bedroom sanctuary. It should include many of the same spa-like elements, including the colours and the lighting.

Remember, it isn’t always about size as much as how well you communicate comfort. Don’t forget the overall impact that flooring and accessories have in a bijou space. Keep your design cohesive, knowing plumbing fixtures in brushed nickel, antique copper and brass are not always super costly, but can create a more expensive look.


The Floor

Flooring, while often overlooked in favour of other upgrades is a key visual element. While not the direct focus in a space, the supporting role new flooring plays in style and in perceived asset value can be substantial. In terms of materials, tile and natural materials like wood and stone will yield the biggest boost in return on investment. Carpet is not as popular as floors with natural materials right now, but replacing worn carpet will freshen and renew a room and create comfort and warmth. If budget is limited, we counsel our Sellers to refinish existing wood floors in a satin finish ‘walnut’ stain in the entertainment areas, and install new carpet in the bedrooms where Buyers are more inclined to accept its presence.


Hi-Tech Home

Who’s not impressed with bells and whistles? One way to wow the potential buyers and to convince them to move to purchase your home is to mesh hi-tech gadgetry with design by installing flat screen monitors, surround sound systems, remote speakers, I-phone docking systems, Nest thermostats or even a more comprehensive computer system that allows you to operate – and observe – your property remotely. Without question, the advancements in technology are making these sorts of upgrades relevant to many Buyers’ busy lifestyles – which can set your home apart from the competition. For more on this point, check out our blog, From Wi-fi to Sci-Fi: Taking Housing Into The Future.


Go Green

More and more buyers are beginning to choose their housing (and the materials that go into building and decorating it) based on environmentally friendly criteria – both because of social belief, but also of the potential savings over time on energy.


Don’t Underestimate Curb Appeal

It is a well-known fact that it is very difficult to alter a first impression. Similarly, most potential buyers will have decided whether or not they will even consider your home before they’ve even crossed the threshold. The exterior must be groomed with the same care as the interior in order to entice people inside.

Make that lawns and gardens are tended to. Even a well-swept patio can make a difference! In the wintertime, make sure walkways are clear. Have your front door make a statement. Refinishing or repainting are both inexpensive methods to levy impact on entry. Even if your home is a condominium property, “curb appeal” matters, especially if you are trying to have your unit stand out amongst others in a building. Make sure that your entryway is clear and clean. If you have an exterior entrance, make sure windows are clean and in good repair.


Why We’re Top Realtors

At Urbaneer.com, we know housing inside and out- and that also includes how to guide Sellers towards realizing top dollar for their properties. Through our innate connection with the ebbs and flow of the ever-changing Toronto property market, and over two decades of skill, experience and knowledge, we’re here to help leverage the potential of your home within the context and dynamics of today’s market. We also offer our free style enhancement service to elevate your home for sale!


We’re here to earn your trust, then your business.

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