Delicate Flower


I’m a little foggy today or, as the saying goes, a ‘tad delicate, like a delicate flower’!

Last night was the stag for my soon-to-be brother-in-law Jim. After 25 years of cohabitation, and a surprise romantic proposal five years ago, Jim is marrying my big sister in an intimate wedding ceremony in their Victoria garden. How enchanting is that?

Jim, who gives a rather formidable strapping burly biker first impression, is actually a gentle giant at heart. Renown for his near consistent attire of jeans, T, black boots and checked fleece jackets, plus an omniscient pony tail, our ode to Jim last night was replicating his appearance for our 8 hour pub crawl. Here’s a snap of Jim and the rest of us ‘impersonating’ him.

Our evening cavorting throughout downtown Victoria included the Sticky Wicket , the Irish Times Pub (, the Bard and Banker Scottish Pub (, Prime (a stellar steakhouse and Big Bad John’s Pub shown in the photo below…one of my favourite destinations for getting silly.

In ‘more English than England’ Victoria nothing tops a pub crawl. Especially when it’s a stag celebration with family and friends.

Congrats (soon!) to my new brother Jim!

~ Steven

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