Dancing On The Job


As a realtor on the go I’m navigating traffic every day. Life behind the wheel can often be taxing. You see fender benders, road rage and cyclists waving their fists (with good reason) at drivers who ignore the rights of those on two wheels. It can be very stressful.  

For the last little while, when I’ve had to navigate the central west part of the city, I’ve made a point of driving along Dufferin Street. Just south of Dundas Street there’s a School Crossing Guard who uses her Stop sign and smooth moves to navigate traffic. The moment you see her you smile. And she oozes happiness.

I’ve always been curious to know more about the Dancing Crossing Guard. So it was a real treat when one of my associates brought this YouTube clip to my attention. Click HERE to see Kathleen dance and hear her story. LOVE!

City living can be taxing, but it’s people like Kathleen who make urban life a treat.

~ Steven 

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