Crisp, Clean & Delicious


Face it, nothing screams architectural purity like an unadorned white pavilion set in nature. This Garrison, New York property designed by Spanish architect Alberto Campo Baeza, is most everything I covet. Simple, elegant and compositionally refined as the perfect balance to the contrasting organic landscape. It’s huge – 54 feet wide, 122 feet long and 12 feet high – with a travertine roof holding an entertainment podium that is breathtaking. 

As the architect says “The place is of profound tranquility where after a day of rain and fog an intense light reflects in the stilled mirror of the majestic Hudson River´s deep waters. A place where twilights are a thousand colors as the water breaks into a thousand reflections. A place where the air is clean and calm, and mild. One could say a place that is very close to heaven.”

Here’s the link for the whole show!



~ Steven

**Photography by Miguel Quismondo and Javier Callejas


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