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If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may have seen my previous writings on the importance in showcasing your outdoor space when selling. After all, in our Canadian climes, there’s at least six months of each year where we can comfortably consider our outdoor space as an additional ‘living room’. For those looking to realize the highest return on investment, sometimes the best course of action is to sink some capital into elevating one’s patio, balcony, terrace or garden to garner a faster sale and a higher price.



Click my past post called How Green Does Your Garden Show for more thoughts, as well as my own personal outdoor space transformations! And, if you’re interested in an example of how I think outdoor lighting offers a great return on investment (while enhancing your living environment), click HERE.

This past week counselled one of our clients on the necessary steps to prepare their condominium for market. Located in a recently-completed luxury mid-town condominium, this 1200+ square foot unit boasts a covered outdoor terrace of around 800 square feet.

In addition to preparing the interior by paring down and allowing to complete a Style Enhancement, we’ve recommended our Seller invest some funds into transforming the empty terrace into a sensational ‘outdoor living room’. After all, with a terrace that comprises about forty percent of the total square footage, this hard-to-find feature is going to be a key element that secures a buyer.

Stay tuned for more on this outdoor transformation, and what will surely be a coveted property offering which is ‘Coming Soon’.



If you, or someone you know, is considering selling and needs some gentle guidance on how to optimize their property to garner the highest possible price, then please know we at are here to help!

~ Steven

Photos coutesy of IBuild and House Beautiful

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