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In our hectic A-to-Z lives, what is the most valuable? There are a number of things that might top that list, but no doubt one thing that we covet, never have enough of- and are immensely grateful for when we do have it- is time.

The secret to happiness? A) having more time to spend as you choose and B) having a variety of quick and easy options at your disposal, which means you spend less time planning and travelling, and more time doing. And really, isn’t that what life is all about?

While planning is important for many urbanites, it’s nice to have the fluidity of choice, which only comes about when convenience and options intersect.



In a nutshell, that’s what convenience represents in day-to-day living. It’s even the context around metrics like the  Walk Score: The Measure Of A Pedestrian-Friendly City, bike score, and transit score – they’re measures of convenience, really.

So – what are two of the biggest time drains on your schedule? For many, it’s the commute and running errands – crossing items off the shopping or ‘to do’ list – that take a disproportionate bite out of the pie.

To get more out of your day, you simply need to get more out of your day. That doesn’t mean adding hours to the clock. That means living smarter, and in many ways- simpler- and changing how you allocate your time. The means to do so is one of the many benefits of a walkable community.



The Benefits Of A ‘Walkable’ Community

One of the principles of good urban planning, and indeed the impetus around the concept of New Urbanism (an urban planning movement centring on pedestrian-centric cities) is creating a self-contained community, where there is a focus on walkability which, of course, is what creates convenience.

Your errands can be measured in minutes, not hours. And your commute? Streamlined – those few days you need to head to the office – because transit is only as far away as the sidewalk.

Now that you’ve sliced your ‘busy’ time down considerably, you have time to focus on- whatever you’d like! Family, friends, self-care, dining, retail therapy, exercise, you name it. In doing so, you become a happier more productive member of the walkable, connected community, bringing everything that developers like Tribute were trying to achieve full circle.

After all, when you can stroll to your favourite restaurant, park, shop, or coffee shop, you stand to become less of a scheduler and compromiser, and more of a person who can simply tick everything off their wish list, one after another in a single loop around the ‘hood.

How satisfying is that?




There are a few of these pockets of developments of communities within communities – purposefully designed, walkable areas – including the notable St. Clair West Village, neatly nestled near a plethora of amenities, with direct access to public transit, and green space around the corner!

Let’s imagine a day in the life of a resident of St. Clair West Village. Perhaps this person is taking on a DIY reno project. They take a walk up to Home Depot, Rona, and Canadian Tire to buy some last-minute materials that they’d forgotten. They also need to confirm financing for the project with their lender, located in the bank right next door. After the bank visit, they pop across the way into Best Buy to check out the latest smart tech to add some bling to their reno. And when done there, they swing by the Metro and the LCBO to get the necessary items for dinner (and drinks!) – plus a treat for the pup at Pet Value – and then head home to work on their DIY with a cold bevy in hand. Now they have even more time to dedicate to it because all of their appointments and whims were satisfied within a 10-minute walk.

Sure, it’s an imaginative example, but you can understand the underlying flow that makes the day-to-day more efficient, yes? There are also a ton of other choices near St. Clair West Village, like the offerings of the Stock Yards Village Shopping Centre, as well as great dining and places to meet friends, including Bairrada Churrasqueira Grill, High Park Brewery, Fuoco Mia Panini Food Truck and Woodhouse Brewing. Plus the TTC is right there – at your door – ready to whisk you away quickly if you need to go beyond your walkable community.

All of these spots – daily choices – are accessible in a 10-minute walk or less, when you live in Tribute’s St. Clair Avenue West Village enclave.



After considering the above, do you feel the flutterings of freedom? Perhaps your heart is beginning to beat for a different kind of lifestyle? Are you adding up all of the minutes you could take back?

If the answer is to any of those questions is ‘Yes’ may we present a property for your consideration.

Primely situated in the New Urbanism development of St. Clair West Village, we call it: Sizzle & Spice In The Junction’s St. Clair West Village Enclave

It’s a semi-detached, 2-storey, 3+1bed dwelling with a finished lower level that offers just under 1800 square feet of intelligently designed family-functional living space, in addition to a sunny, fully-fenced low-maintenance garden! Boasting a host of upgrades and improvements, and inclusive of 2-car parking (1 surface space via laneway + 1-car detached garage!), this hot commodity is NOW SOLD!




Want to have someone on your side?

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