Cheerful Eats In Kensington Market

College Street / Little Italy

Here’s a photo of Augusta Avenue in Kensington Market at 6:30pm on Tuesday. As you can seen, it’s wet! We’ve had alot of rain this week…not the light drizzle or spitting variation but intense heavy unrelenting downpours that make you want to stay curled up in bed for the whole day. The autumn rains are here and we’re all a bit glum about it. It signals winter is around the corner. Whaa!

To combat the dark clouds surrounding us, my friend Dafna and I decided to brighten up our week by having a good yakkety-yak over a cheerful dinner at the very colourful El Trompo in Kensington Market. Dafna lives in the very stylin’ Kensington Lofts, and every so often we check out the different local restaurants in the market. Here’s a past blog highlighting some others we adore.

El Trompo is like stepping into an authentic mom and pop taquito shack in Mexico. Operating since 2003 by Hector and Lucero Lopez, it’s a quirky space with simple furniture topped with plastic gingham covers, sponge painted walls and a huge fridge in the middle of the dining room decorated in Corona posters, all bathed in fluorescent light. Needless to say, one comes for the food, not the decor.


We dined on chips and guacamole, beef tacos, and spicy chicken quezadillas. Loads of delicious food for a reasonable price!


If you’re running errands or getting groceries in Kensington Market, this is stop-worthy!


El Tempo Taco Bar and Grill

277 Augusta Avenue


~ Steven

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