Chaise For Days

College Street / Little Italy

I’ve always loved my funky 60s chaise. It has such incredible support that when lying on it you feel like you’re floating. In fact, if I were a psychologist I would have my patients lie on it while they revealed everything to me.

I originally bought the chaise from Phil’z 20th Century Design located at 792 Queen Street East about ten years ago reconditioned for $700. It’s served me well, except that one of my ex’s darling cats took to using it as a scratching post and the piece became a tattered ruin. I stored it in my garage for awhile where one of the legs got wet and rusted horribly. A sorry sight, it was almost destined for the trash when Rebecca Dennis of mosaicwares suggested she restore and reupholster the piece.

With the help of Rebecca, and my designers Jessica Cinnamon and Costantino D’Elia, the decision was made to luxe it out with a bespoke fabric, some tufting with leather buttons, and a bit more padding to enhance the ‘floating on a cloud’ effect. For a cost of around $350 for the fabric and buttons and $1050 to upholster, this piece has a much more contemporary look and it’s extremely unique.

If you’re looking to make your environment unique, stylish, and fresh, sometimes all you have to do is look at your existing furnishings to see how they might be reinvented. It can be the same cost or less than a similar piece new, custom tailored to suit your aesthetic, and by re-using your old furniture it’s a greener way to go!

Stay tuned for more Rejuvenating The Button Factory about my unique urban home in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Here’s a pic of the finished product taken by Greg Paupst in my renovated Button Factory!

~Steven and the urbaneer team

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