Booksmart Bliss At The Danforth-Coxwell Library

City Living, The Danforth
The public library is perhaps one of the greatest unsung heroes when it comes to leisure opportunities and cultural enrichment. Libraries aren’t just for bibliophiles (although for avid readers, there is great pleasure in having rows upon rows of reading material to choose from); they are community hubs with programming…
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Merrill Bridge Road Dog Park

Animal House, The Danforth
For urban-dwelling dog lovers, having the opportunity to let your furry friend exercise and socialize is essential. And, to be fair, us humans certainly benefit from visiting green space – enjoying the soul-healing benefits an idyllic natural setting has to offer – just as much as pups do! When such…
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Much Love For August Kinn In Danforth East

The Danforth
There's a pocket of the city that boasts housing stock perfect for young families, proximity to vibrant green space, and great schools! As its popularity grows, seasoned businesses and fledgling start-ups alike are moving in, eager to serve this gentrifying community! So where is this dynamic locale? It's Danforth East…
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