Summer Sweet Treats at Bakerbots Baking In Bloorcourt Village


It’s hot, it’s humid… it’s almost SUMMER! With the lovely weather, and the latest stay-at-home finally over with, Torontonians are excited to leave their homes (safely) and enjoy the outdoors! Why not support some amazing local shops and restaurants while you’re at it?

If you’re in the Dovercourt Village or Bloorcourt Village – or anywhere, really! – you simply must take a stroll over to Bakerbots Baking. Besides, is there anything better than a walk through our city’s beautiful neighbourhoods on a warm summer eve?


All photos courtesy of Bakerbots Instagram – with thanks!


You’ll smell it before you see it! Located on 205 Delaware Ave, near the Ossington Subway Station side street entrance, this magical shop is packed full of delicious treats, snacks, and sweet delights.

They bake everything fresh, each day, and often sell out before the day is done. But do not fret – they take pre-orders!



What do we love? The Lemon Cream Tart, Butterscotch Tart, cheesecake and carrot cake with cheese frosting are all amazing choices! Honestly, everything is delicious; it’s hard to just pick a few.

But the cookies…. ohhh the cookies. You have to walk away with AT LEAST three…. 🙂



But here is the real showstopper… The ice-cream sandwiches. That’s right, you read that correctly. Ice-Cream Sandwiches. Perfect for summer. You can try all of them fast enough. They offer three styles of ice cream sandwiches, the Ice-cream Puffs, Full Ice-cream Sandwich and ½ Ice-cream sandwich.  Then you select the cookie to hug the ice cream, that’d right freshly baked cookies.  Any flavour of ice cream is going to be exciting in this dessert, but we’d recommend the burnt toffee or lychee rosewater raspberry!

Did we mention, the ice cream is from our favourite, Bang Bang Ice Cream!?! They are sister companies, and two of the best dessert locations in Toronto!


Their regular curbside hours are:

Tuesday-Friday 12:30-8pm
Saturday 12pm-8pm
Sunday 12-8pm.
(They have the day off Monday)



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Enjoy your ice cream or baked treat in this lush oasis of a backyard!




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