The Dishwasher

Real Estate, Tales From The Real Estate Trenches
I work with a lot First Time Buyers.  First time buyers can be particularly challenging clients due to their lack of experience, but, they happen to be my personal favourite. This is because I really enjoy the educational component of my work, including guiding newbies through the always-exciting, ever-changing Toronto real estate market! Not…
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The Parking Spot

City Living, House And Home, Lifestyle, Real Estate
I’m often asked: “Why do I need a realtor?” It’s a fair question, especially in today’s real estate climate, where an overabundance of real estate, interior design, and home renovation television shows have created what I like to call “The ‘HGTV’ Effect”; these attractively packaged, story-driven programs often give viewers a…
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A Newlywed Grows Up

City Living, House And Home, Lifestyle
Dear Gentle Reader, Hello, friend! I know I’ve been a bit quiet lately but I have missed you. We need to talk about something awkward and I hope you’ll hear me out. I am very aware there is a finite window of time when calling one’s self a newlywed transitions…
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Marriage 101: What Wedding Budget?

City Living, House And Home, Lifestyle, Restaurants
Planning a wedding and buying a house are surprisingly similar endeavors.  They’re both significant milestones that can be unexpectedly stressful.  Each hinges on balancing needs vs. wants and can involve a serious financial commitment.  As well, they involve developing very definitive opinions on what previously seemed trivial (or simply didn’t exist in your…
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