August 26th Is National Dog Day!

Animal House

Today is the day to give extra love to your canine best friend!

August 26th has been celebrated as National Dog Day since 2004. And while any dog owner will tell you that EVERY day is dog day in their home, here are 5 ways you can make today a little extra special for your beloved pet:

1) Go for an extra long walk at your dog’s favorite park or surprise your dog with a brand new route if they're the adventurous type!
2) Depending where you live, take your dog to the beach! Just remember to bring plenty of fresh water, ensure your dog gets some time in the shade, and keep an eye out for dangerous items in the sand.
3) Make your dog a tasty special treat! How about some dairy-free Dog Safe Ice Cream?!
4) Simply RELAX with your dog. Take a moment and just chill with your dog on the couch… if they're allowed on the furniture!
5) National Dog Day is also a day to promote adoption. Perhaps pick up some fun toys or tasty treats at the pet store, and then gift them your local shelter. Also, if your schedule permits, there's nothing more special than volunteering your time!

Here at Urbaneer, we are dedicated to real estate and 'home', and supporting clients through the process of buying, selling and beyond! We recognize that families that include pets often have unique needs, which is why one our fab team members Monika MacMillan writes a special blog series called 'Animal House'! Some of the topics Monika has covered include 8 Simple Rules To Moving With Dogs, and Buying a Condo Your Dog Will Love! Check it out!



Celebrate and appreciate your dog’s unconditional love and loyalty today… and every day!


~ the urbaneer team
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Monika’s Animal House

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