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If you’re thinking of selling, keep in mind most buyers are not only looking for shelter but a place to call Home, to fall in love with and take root. By taking the time to create a pleasing environment, engaging buyers and establishing an emotional connection, you not only enhance the opportunity to grab your buyer’s heart, but also attain the highest possible price.

One of the services we take pride in offering at is called a Style Enhancement. The key here is the word “enhancement”, where we work with sellers and their possessions to elevate the positive attributes of their property. In our comprehensive, multi-faceted Style Enhancement service, we guide homeowners on how to prepare their home for sale in a fresh, current style that will help it show to its maximum potential and best use.

Our client base is diverse, which means that urbaneer has had the opportunity to tackle different property dilemmas, relying on our savvy style and two decades of experience, all with the common result: top dollar and a positive property experience.

For example, this summer we assisted an out-of-town seller, where time and distance were a challenge. Urbaneer took the reins and suggested that in addition to a thorough cleaning and some cosmetic touches, the focus of this suite’s Style Enhancement should be the empty 800 square foot L-shaped terrace. We recommended a $10,000 capital investment that included lush landscaping, grass carpets and some easy-breezy outdoor furnishings which showcased this rare-to-find outdoor space. The total cost was added to the list price and the upgrades included with the sale, giving the new buyer an instant outdoor living space. The result? This property, listed in the mid 600s, sold for its full asking price within 48 hours of coming to market.

Another client we recently assisted was relocating and had planned to sell his entry-level one bedroom and den condominium “as-is”. While there are times it makes sense to sell your place in as-is condition, most often Sellers are leaving money on the table that should be going into their pocket. This particular suite was a little tired and a little worse for wear. Urbaneer brought in our contractor and design team and executed a substantial cosmetic renovation, and then filled the suite with hip furnishings which a first time buyer would find appealing. The result? This condominium, listed at $369,900, sold in competition for a precedent-setting price. The seller profited from the renovation investment.

In another instance, our down-scaling Zoomer clients were prepared to invest a sizable sum renovating their 2100 square foot ‘house-in-the-sky’ to facilitate a faster sale in a building, including creating a massive open concept entertainment zone. recommended keeping it simple, by executing upgrades that would appeal to the very specific target market. Our sellers took our advice, and invested $25,000 instead of $100,000. While the changes were cosmetic, the transformation of this unit went from a dated 1986 to a very fresh 2012! The result? To the delight of our clients, urbaneer achieved its $1million+ sale price in just 19 days, in a 72-unit building where the previous sale took over a year to sell!

In all of these scenarios, urbaneer was able to transform each property to appeal to the exact target market, for the least amount of capital investment to yield the biggest return in the shortest amount of time.
Would the urbaneer touch help you realize top dollar?

At Urbaneer, we take great pride in offering you our insight and guidance to make your property the most saleable it can be. Offering a comprehensive sales and marketing program that will enhance your property and attain top dollar, our design service, access to contractors, and warehouse of home furnishings are all included in our competitive listing commission. With designer discounts, sterling trades, and connections to several of the city’s best purveyors of home furnishing product and fittings, we are your one stop real estate shoppe.

Want to see photos of these, and other urbaneer Style Enhancements? Click HERE for more posts!

Steven Fudge, Sales Representative
Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage
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