Accolades From A Repeat Client

Roncesvalles Village

I recently received a lovely note from one of my long term clients which left me glowing. They were kind enough to let me share it with you today:


“Dear Steven

In my many years of working with you I have always trusted in your ability to steer our house-decision ship.

Your help in my most recent transaction was undoubtedly the cream of the crop, though.

Once I saw the home in Roncesvalles I knew it would be a great opportunity for us, but alas my wife was away from the time it listed to the time we bought it – so what to do?

Well, first it wasn’t a guarantee that I would be able to buy it but your idea of a strong (but not too strong) bully offer was well played – it got the ball rolling, and fast. Your decision to stand by the seller’s request for a quick-closing date (something I was uncomfortable with at first) was in hindsight what possibly saved the deal. And your quick execution of the required paperwork and not to mention incredible ability to get onside with the selling agent during a bidding war possibly sealed the deal.

But what made this one special was how my wife asked “what does Steven say?” when she rather incredulously found out we bought a home without her seeing it: and I promised her YOU said it was a great deal. When she finally went to see the home and we had our chat in the basement and you outlined all the options in the world for her, she was on side and things were rolling.

Tomorrow we get our keys to a journey we hope to start with you of course, one filled with great excitement and joy, and less stress than I imagined.

A lot had to fall into place but one thing that was always there was your knowledge and guidance, something WE are grateful for.

Thanks 🙂
Jake A.”

I, and the Urbaneer team, make it our mission to guide you from your first to final purchase, plus every property in between. Along with educating, advising and gently steering you, our mandate is to target the best locations and properties within your budget, identify dwellings you can easily upgrade and build equity over the long term, and counsel you on the strategy which will help you realize top dollar when it comes to sell. That’s our Urbaneer way.

If you or someone you love is looking for real estate expertise with a commitment to service, please know we’re here to help!

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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