A Tweak And Twerk Style Enhancement At The Verve Condominium

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When it came time for our client to list her panoramic perch for sale in The Verve, located near Jarvis and Wellesley in downtown Toronto, she forewarned us she had a lot of “clothing and stuff'.

But who doesn't?

Most anyone making their space their home will surround themselves with cherished items. And pretty much of all us collect stuff, in some form or another, ranging from sports memorabilia to shoes! But when it comes to selling property, the truth of the matter is that we live in a hyper-stylized media-saturated marketplace – complete with a 24 hour loop of houseporn television – that has bombarded us with beautiful images that create an idealized construct of how our domestic settings should appear. And given the propensity for the home-buying public to actively seek out design and furnishing solutions while they hunt for a home, in the world of real estate one has to pull out all the stops and present a magazine-quality aspirational life space with – 'Surprise Surprise' – as little 'stuff' as possible.

Fortunately, our Seller heeded our advice, donating those items that aren't moving to her next residence, while pre-packing alot of her clothing and placing most of her 'stuff' into three storage lockers! Wow! With this streamlining, Urbaneer executed one of our FREE Style Enhancements, included as part of our listing service.

A Style Enhancement is where we guide a homeowner on how to prepare her home for sale in a fresh current style that will help it show to its maximum potential and best use.

To start, the urbaneer team begin listing items which should be removed to pare down and reorganize the space. Then we identify improvements which will freshen up the property. These may include decorating tips like using contemporary paint colours, changing hardware, adding window coverings or upgrading lighting. And for those properties which need more than just a tweak, we'll recommend a capital investment that will elevate the value and generate a faster sale.

After all, don't you want to sell your property for the highest price in the shortest amount of time?

In this case, this stunning one bedroom and den suite is only five years old, and finished with loads of stylish upgrades. Our Seller has a great eye and colour sense, with pops of colour on accent walls and a fun vibrant art collection. She didn't need our counsel at all, but we did identify an opportunity to open up her space with some home furnishing assistance. At urbaneer.com we're reluctant to call it 'Staging' despite it being a term more and more homeowners understand. But for us, staging is where the homeowner typically removes most of their belongings in order to move in new merchandise.

However, and here's where we often sniff in indignation, is that the furnishings frequently brought in look ubiquitous…and we know you property hunters have seen it…those same dull brown love seats, a glass coffee table, a few pillar candles, maybe some seashells and a container holding a bunch of sticks. That look has become so common and devoid of personality most every urbaneer Buyer we take out to show properties can pick out the staged home in an instant. And rarely do they have positive comments. Will staging help sell your home? Maybe, but we offer a better solution.

At urbaneer.com, we prefer to 'tweak' the homeowner's property, using as many of their belongings as possible while introducing some of our own that might be more suitable to the scale of the dwelling, more current in the style files of today's home decor, and a little unusual and eclectic so it makes the property more memorable. The changes are 'subtle'. No twerking is involved.

Here's a photo of the living space and den in the throes of stream-lining:



Now here some pics of our urbaneer.com Style Enhancement:



The living area and den are unadorned crisp spaces now. The living area celebrates the panoramic vista of the downtown core 35 floors high, while the den – pared down to essentials, shows the function of the space amidst a footprint of possibility. Now remember, in the world of metropolitan real estate, SPACE is what ultimately sells a condominium. The den – while reading sparse in the photo – in person showcases the floors, the volume, and the possibility that whatever you want to put in here will fit. Including a china cabinet.

Want to see more? if you're interested, here's our Home Sweet Homewood listing offered for $379,000 including parking and 2 lockers!

At Urbaneer, we take great pride in offering you our insight and guidance to make your property the most saleable it can be. Gets some tips in this 'Strategies For Selling Your Home' post. With over 23 years of experience, a sales, marketing and design background, plus a ready supply of stylish furnishings and accessories available at no additional cost, we're here to turn your property into a showcase to realize the highest dollar possible in the shortest amount of time.

Would the Urbaneer touch help you realize top dollar?

Please know we're here to help!

~ The urbaneer team

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