A Sweet Shop In Riverdale

Riverdale / Playter Estates

The sidewalk sandwich board of Suckers Candy Co. screams “We’ve got FUDGE!!!” And it just so happens that the creamy confection is also a VERY big favourite of urbaneer!

Are you ready for a fantastic and frenetically-flavoured blast to the past? Located on 450 Danforth Avenue at Chester Avenue, Suckers Candy Co. specializes in the kind of candy we all recall from our childhood. Along with a truly phenomenal array of all things sweet, sour and sugary, the purveyors of this fine emporium have also brought in an array of vintage comic books, tin toys, old-fashioned lunch boxes and vintage games. Do you remember Fiddlestix, the building game of colourful wooden sticks and connectors? Ever wonder where to find a Slinky? Look no further! This is total Fun!


Favourite items were truly too many to name – as the place is exploding with something here for everyone, regardless of age or demographic! From luxury Vosges Pastilles and Bars in the most exotic of flavours all the way down to Salt Water Taffy and the all-time classic Popeye Candy Sticks, formerly known in less politically correct times as Candy Cigarettes! We also adore the fact that Suckers Candy Co. is a British Importer in the truest sense of the word, with a great selection of treats otherwise scarce this side of the pond!



With a fully featured online shop now in full swing, Suckers Candy Co. is embracing the future by sourcing, designing, developing, importing and packaging it’s own exciting novelty and confectionary fancies to vendors all over North America.

And to think it all started here in Toronto’s Greektown neighbourhood back in 1997! Drop in and say hello to super-helpful and zany staff Elenie and Marina! Their knowledge of all that’s sweet and fun is encyclopedic!

You can check out their website by clicking HERE!

Isn’t The Danforth dynamite?

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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