A Job Well Done For Our Seller

Leslieville/Riverside, Riverdale / Playter Estates

In the competitive business of real estate sales, Urbaneer’s formula for success includes a multi-disciplinary education on Housing, over two decades of sales, marketing & development experience, knowledge of the latest trends in culture, housing & style, plus a commitment to provide the highest level of service. The urbaneer team are proud, and delighted, to have a sterling reputation.

It’s hard to walk the line of modesty in a business built on self-promotion and, well, hubris. So when one of our recent happy sellers emailed the following note, we elected to share it with our readers.

We’re really proud, and honoured, to serve both our Buyers and Sellers. Here are Tammy’s words to us:

“Dear Steve,

I have been thinking about how to express a special thank you and I wanted to get it just right. 

I knew after meeting you that I wanted you at my side as I embarked on the journey to sell my house.  I was impressed with your high degree of professionalism and wonderful sense of humour.  It was a privilege to watch you use your exemplary knowledge and expertise to develop a sound marketing plan, work with buying agents and to guide me through all the twists and turns in this process.  You seemed to have the ability to make even the most challenging situation better and you were always there to share my ups and downs with kind words, caution, encouragement and humour. 

Thank you for always taking the time to answer my calls and texts all hours of the day and night.  You are such a good listener.  I always felt confident that my opinions and thoughts were heard and taken into consideration.  You provided good advice and feedback and seemed to know just the right recipe to help me stay calm when I needed it the most.  Your confidence and optimism helped me believe that my house would sell and all we need is the right buyer to walk through the door and that is what exactly happened!

It is with a full heart that I thank you most sincerely for the opportunity to work with you to sell my house.  


Tammy W.”

At Urbaneer, we make it our business to guide, steer and support you throughout the real estate process. From start to finish, our objective is to make the experience as easy and fun as possible. Want to know more? Please know we’re just an email away. Contact steve@urbaneer.com.

~ Steven Fudge – One Of Bosley’s Top Ten Realtors –

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