Whirlpool Cana-Do Update



Last Thursday I shared with you my distress trying to resolve my fairly new, albeit leaky, Whirlpool dishwasher.

You can click HERE to read that post.

My whining missive went live Thursday afternoon. Along with emailing the powers that be directly at Whirlpool Canada  I also put my blog post on the Whirlpool facebook page.

Within 24 hours Whirlpool had acknowledged my facebook post, and Customer Service had telephoned me to address my concerns. During Friday’s Snowmageddon we played telephone tag, but when we finally connected on Monday, Whirlpool began sourcing an identical model so that my custom dishwasher panel can be removed and attached to the new dishwasher without having to get a new one made. Not only has Whirlpool offered to provide a new dishwasher, but they’ve credited me $150 towards the installation of the unit.

Whirlpool Canada are Cana-Do’s in my books.

Let’s hope it all comes together effortlessly!

~ Steven

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