Whirlpool Cana-Do or Cana-Don’t? The Plight Of A Broken New Dishwasher



If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you know I pretty much always have a real estate project on the go. Having participated in the redevelopment of over $50 million in loft conversions, counseled hundreds of clients through the trials and tribulations of home buying and selling, and done dozens of home renovations, if I’m not ensconced in one of my own projects there’s a good chance I’m steering one of my clients through the ups and downs that goes with creating a Dream Home.

In a nutshell, I’m used to navigating through the challenges associated with home ownership. And yet, right now I am going completely bonkers.


Eighteen months ago I bought and had my top of the line Whirlpool dishwasher installed into my luxe custom kitchen in my Movie House loft condominium. You can click HERE to read my Peak-A-View reveal of this indulgent bijou space. The price tag for custom everything? A cool $50,000.

In December, months after the expiry of the one year warranty, my dishwasher began sporadically leaking. For every five times I operate the unit, it leaks three of the five times.

The technician came in on January 4th, 2013 and couldn’t find the source of the leak. He noted the right front leg bracket was bent and he could see the water damage but he could not identify the specific issue. The leak did not occur when we ran the machine during his visit, but the leak has continued to occur. It is sufficiently bad to be damaging my cabinets and warping my floors.

I called the Whirlpool Customer Service Centre for guidance. They said the technician didn’t file the paperwork correctly. I called over the course of January to find a resolution to the matter.

Finally, this week they said the technician would execute the repairs. Terrific! But then the technician called me to say the cost of the repairs would be in the vicinity of $800 and did I really want to spend that much? He said he thought that the parts, being a significant component of the machine, should be covered under a more comprehensive warranty than the one year warranty that came with the dishwasher. He suggested I call Whirlpool to confirm.

Back to calling the Whirlpool Customer Service Centre. Unfortunately they couldn’t answer the question. However, they said they would have the technician remove the machine and try to determine what is wrong with it. They also suggested if I bought a new Whirlpool dishwasher they would reimburse the $91 service call originally made.

Seriously. $91 bucks?

Back to calling the Whirlpool Technician. He tells me the Call Centre folk are crazy. How can he remove the machine to determine what is wrong with it, if that means there’s no water to operate it?

So what does a consumer do when the Call Centre folk pass the buck to the technician, and the technician passes the buck back to the Call Centre?

Answer: You begin your email campaign to the Whirlpool Powers That Be (Note this is regarding Model KUDE60FVPA3 – Serial # F04402039 – Reference # 1-1131455969‏)

This dishwasher was $1400 to purchase in addition to the installation and custom panel door. I don’t consider it appropriate that my only alternative is to go buy a new dishwasher when the one I have is only 18 months old. Nor do I think it appropriate I should have to pay $800 to get it repaired.

Am I wrong in having this point of view?

Stay tuned for this Tale from The Real Estate Trenches

~ Steven and the urbaneer team

** Click HERE for the subsequent post showcasing Whirlpool’s response **

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