Where Does Urbaneer’s Steve Fudge Live?

College Street / Little Italy

As a lover of architecture, landscape, design, products and all things Toronto real estate – not to mention an extremely proud Canadian – I've built my career in the shelter industry renovating, designing, developing and marketing unique urban homes in the City of Toronto.

Hello, I'm Steven Fudge – a well-rounded, personable housing expert, proprietor of houseporn.ca and purveyor of the fresh urbaneer.com brand, which operates as a sales and marketing division of Bosley Real Estate Ltd., Brokerage.

My newest site houseporn.ca is an extension of my personal fascination and exploration of the importance and meaning of Home in our contemporary culture. More importantly, it's also a vehicle for Canadian housing students to earn extra cash researching and writing about Architecture, Landscape, Interior Design, Housing Products, and History of Art & Architecture in Canada. I pay students for stories on our country's jaw-dropping contemporary and historical domiciles, breath-taking residential landscapes, dazzling interior designs, Canuck-made products, and stellar real estate offerings while they're completing their studies.

When you're as  'healthily-obsessed' in all manners of housing like I am, people often ask where I live.

So here's some snaps of my now completed Movie House Pad – which was the third conversion I was involved in back in the mid-1990s – though this newest renovation is just a few years old.


Photographs By Alex Lukey


If you're interested, you can read more on my entire journey renovating this space in the urbaneer category called Renovating The Movie House Loft.

It's not the only renovation I've done. Here's Rejuvenating The Button Factory – my first conversion of a former Little Italy textile factory into 13 loft townhouses back in the mid-1990s.

And here's my six year journey transforming a dilapidated triplex tenement in Charlottetown, PEI into a luxury vacation rental called The Tales Of Upper Hillsborough!

Or follow my newest Toronto real estate endeavour elevating a 1960s purpose-built duplex called Tales From Tennis Crescent into a unique urban home!


Like what you've read? The urbaneer.com team and I are realtors who love what we do. Helping you realize the highest return on your real estate investments, while ensuring your property best serves your practical needs and your dream of “Home”, we identify a property's best qualities, features and its insouciant charm in the context of the future target market. Combining our appreciation of today's aesthetic with a keen awareness of lifestyle trends and desires, we guide Buyers and Sellers like you through their real estate needs, wishes, and wants – all without hassle or pressure. It's why we're consistently part of Bosley Real Estate Top Ten Producers.

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Steven Fudge, Sales Representative
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~ Steven and the urbaneer team

Renovating The Movie House Loft

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