When Urbaneer Became A Word

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Today we discovered Urbaneer – the word – in the Urban Dictionary and it made us smile.

Contraction of “Urban” and “Pioneer”

An URBANEER is an influencer/early-adopter within the Millennial Generation, establishing themselves as part of a live/work community in a city. They are part of the rising Creative Class, are usually described as Hipsters, and are leading the migration away from suburban living.

“Chase moved from Brooklyn to Portland to Silverlake in, like, less than three years since almost-finishing at Swarthmore. He's a total Urbaneer.
He's all about his Macbook Air, his bike, and stealing wifi. That dude will never buy a house in the 'burbs.”

by Millennials Matter January 26, 2014

At Urbaneer, we've always been on the cutting edge of mood. And in many ways this definition also defines us, the urbaneer brand, given we've been around since 1995 – and trademarked since 1998.

Even one of our early tag lines nailed it –> 'Pioneering Your New Urban Spirit!'

At Urbaneer, we have a comprehensive understanding on Toronto's 42 village-neighbourhoods, spanning the Beach west to Bloor West, and from Downtown to Uptown. We pioneered the Innovative Space market place 20 years ago when lifestyle marketing was a new idea. Fast forward to today, where we serve the Creative Class interested in all types of housing, and continue to be forward-thinking, both in trend and in practice. Embracing a pressure-free, hassle-free approach to the purchase and sale of real estate, we pride ourselves on being a boutique agency of unique urban spaces for all household types.

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~ Steven and the urbaneer team

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