The Valentine’s Love Shack


For the Urbaneer team, Valentine’s is our opportunity to acknowledge the magic of fate, the cuteness of Cupid, and to asking the universe to send you LOVE in all its forms.

Including your very own LOVE SHACK!

Click the image of ‘Cupid’ below to link to this year’s ode to love – the all-time classic 1989 video LOVE SHACK by the B52’s!



Do you love Valentine’s as much as we do?

Love a good video?

Here’s our 2014 homage to The Captain and Tenille (Steve’s first 45 record) in Hello Cupid, the classic rock anthem “Addicted To Love” in our 2013 Happy Valentine’s 2013 post, our hysterically funny 2012 Thumpty-Thump “Love Is In The Air” post (especially for those of you who love camp).

May LOVE be with you!

~ Steven and the Urbaneer team

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