Urbaneer Has Been Named One Of The Top 25 Toronto Real Estate Agents To Follow On Twitter!


I know I’m one of the lucky ones.

My definition of good fortune is having chosen a career that still engages me every day since 1992. Channeling my passion into my work has instilled clarity, drive, and joy to my daily life.

That’s not to say, of course, that it hasn’t been without its challenges. After all, I’m the guy who started his career just after the Toronto real estate market peaked in 1989 and subsequently crashed. In fact, it wasn’t until four years into my career that housing prices stabilized, after dropping by as much as 35% from their top values. Those were pretty lean years, and I’m not sure I would have weathered that economic storm had I not launched my real estate path from the base of a multi-disciplinary university education on housing. My Graduate Research from York University – called ‘Planning Housing Environments’ – provided knowledge credibility, distinction in a saturated marketplace and an excellent foundation for my speciality in the sales and marketing of loft conversions in the 1990s. However, even with those qualifications, there was no better way to master the fundamentals of real estate than during those early years when the real estate industry was being decimated, which I see retrospectively. And the trenches I’m referring to include the physical and the digital kind that emerged as my career evolved.

I knew becoming a realtor required an entrepreneurial spirit, superb time management skills, and the commitment to be available 24/7/365 in an ‘always urgent’ market; however, like most everyone else who worked before the internet, I didn’t have the foresight to know the evolving economies of media and technology would add another complex layer to self-employment. While 25 years in the ‘real estate trenches’ will naturally polish ones skillset in the ‘trade’ of property, navigating the platforms of our ever-changing Attention Economy brings its own learning curve. Whereas my old school promotion practices like print advertising in The Globe And Mail, sending out Direct Mail Flyers, and plastering my smiling face in downtown Toronto Transit Shelters retain some value in the promotion of property, I – like all modern-day ‘brands’ – have had to engage the social media economy with unbridled commitment.

This first started when I launched the Urbaneer Blog in 2010 – which I absolutely love crafting, contributing to and curating. Documenting my point of view on Toronto real estate, culture and design – and sharing it on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – has turned out to be a creative form of self expression from which I derive enormous satisfaction. The Urbaneer Blog has been well-received, recently being named one of The Top 50 Blogs In Toronto.




Also – to our surprise and delight – the Urbaneer team and I have recently been named one of the Top 25 Toronto Realtors On Twitter by Zolo.ca.

Amazing! It’s always fantastic to be acknowledged for your efforts – and it’s a little bit sweeter when it arrives unexpectedly!



I really enjoy Twitter. Serving as my point-of-view newsfeed, I use the platform to review and share the latest press on the Canadian Real Estate market, with particular attention to Toronto and Vancouver Real Estate, in addition to Calgary and Montreal. I also post articles on Canadian domesticity, including architecture, design, and ‘Made In Canada’ household products and furnishings, including content created on my University Student Mentorship site Houseporn.ca. I also include tweets showcasing Toronto’s urban culture, along with snippets of my personal life.

The Zolo.ca byline reads: “If you’re ready to make your house search in Toronto easier, here are the top 25 Toronto real estate agents to follow on Twitter!

And how amazing to be included alongside other repsected agents and colleagues! Check out the full list here!

Thanks bunches, Zolo!!

*Founded in 2012 in Vancouver, Zolo is Canada’s leading tech powered brokerage empowering consumers with data, knowledge and the best Agents to create a seamless and stress free real estate experience.


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May we be of assistance? It would be our pleasure to offer our expertise to you, and yours!

~ Steven

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